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Whether we’re young or old, male or female, a breakup takes a heavy toll. From the bittersweet breakups of those nascent romances of our youth to the often bitter legal and logistical minefield that is navigating a divorce in the 21st century, a breakup of any magnitude takes a huge toll on our psychology. Not only is it a time of enormous change and upheaval, it can leave us with seriously damaged self esteem and self worth. If kids are involved we can feel that we have failed the children we love by not being able to sustain the relationship that created them. Logically, we know this may not be the case. We may know that staying together ‘for the kids’ seldom works out and indeed it can be even more damaging than putting your children through a separation. Nonetheless, it can leave us feeling unloved, unwanted, unattractive and inferior as a parent and a human being.

If we’re forced to move out of the family home this can be a further blow to our self esteem. Not only will we no longer be living with our kids, we will have to live alone for the first time in a long time, possibly even the first time in adult life. If your sense of style has manifested itself through the prism of your prior relationship you likely developed a shared taste in interior design and decorated accordingly. Now that you’re on your own you may not quite know what works for you in creating a cool yet chic new interior for your new bachelor pad. As jarring as it may feel, you should embrace this new period of self discovery and use it as an opportunity to redefine yourself through your surroundings. A tastefully appointed pad will help you to gain confidence as you create a new home that’s not just perfect for impressing prospective new dates, but for entertaining your kids. But if you’ve recently gone through a divorce you’ll likely have cost restrictions. You’ll need a good Family Law solicitor to ensure a fair and equitable separation. As with anything, you get what you pay for when it comes to legal representation and getting the best may not afford you all that much disposable income to spend on your new pad. Fortunately, buying cheap doesn’t have to look cheap. Here we’ll look at some inventive and cost effective ways to create the perfect bachelor pad…


Start with the sofa

When most men view property, they do so through a particular prism. They ask themselves “Where will I put my sofa?” followed quickly by “Where will the TV go?”. Ardent cinephiles will likely also plot a course for where they will thread cables for their 7.1 Dolby Atmos surround sound setup but even casual movie buffs will likely plan their decor around the sofa and its relationship with the TV. With this in mind, the sofa is as good a place to start as any. Opt for a sofa with a neutral colour so that you can dress it up or down with accessories like throws and cushions (yes, it’s okay for guys to like cushions too) which you can change with the seasons to make your new pad feel bright and airy or insular and comforting as the season dictates. You should get a large sofa or corner unit for when you have friends round to watch a film, watch the match or play video games. Even if your budget is limited, you’d be surprised at how little you can find a good quality sofa for. Skint Dad has some good advice on finding affordable sofas. Gumtree, ebay and local auctions are great places to find cheap sofas but it’s worth remembering that most big furniture stores offer 0% interest free credit on newer sofas.


Embrace the power of plants

There isn’t a single home that can’t benefit from house plants. If you’re feeling emotionally vulnerable or depressed you’d be astonished at what an effective psychological pick me up house plants can be. They can oxygenate the room which helps to reduce our stress levels while providing a soothing and calming living presence in the home. Plus, watering and looking after the houseplant will help to keep your mind focused and provide a proven mood booster. Moreover, they will lend your pad a splash of colour and probably some nice scents too. Speaking of which…


Don’t neglect scent

Scent is a vital part of interior decor but one that all too many of us neglect to incorporate. The right scent can enhance the mood or function of a room. It can make it easier to concentrate in your home office, make it easier to relax in your living room or make it easier to get intimate in the bedroom. But you don’t need expensive, power sapping and environmentally damaging plug in room deodorizers of cloying sprays to achieve these effects. Simply fill some diffusers with essential oils. Think clean and fresh scents like citrus for the bathroom and kitchen, clean and warm scents like sandalwood with a touch of vanilla in the living room and sweet, floral scents like lavender, ylang ylang or jasmine in the bedroom.


Keep it natural

House plants and essential oils aren’t the only way in which natural materials can enhance your home while also boosting your mental health. It’s also been proven that natural materials like wood, stone, paper, cotton, linen and wool can also play a part in making your home cosier while also helping you to achieve psychological equilibrium.


Gadgets and geekery

But what bachelor pad isn’t complete without cool tech to brag about to your friends and provide a cool talking point for visitors? Needless to say, you will likely want to appoint your pad with a  brand new UHD TV (Movies in 4k have to be seen to be believed, check here to see if your favourite films are available in 4K). But tech isn’t just there to look cool, it can also make your new home more secure by installing a smart lock. You may also want to adorn your new place with some cool geeky collectables like statues and high end action figures. Just keep it classy and elegant and you can enhance your home while also paying your geeky dues!






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