How To Make The Most of Your Small Home


Today, more and more people are living in smaller spaces, in the most part this is due to economic pressure as most people don’t relish the opportunity to cram into a small apartment yet small doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  There are ways to cope with small living spaces and enhance the space you have available to you.

Here are five top tips on how to do just that.


Get More Storage

With places like Ikea offering innovative solutions for storage in small spaces, use these innovations to create storage in otherwise wasted spaces such as on top of units, around the bathroom sink and on top of kitchen cupboards..


Create an Outside Living Space

If you don’t have enough space inside to entertain guests it’s time to consider getting an extension, such as a conservatory, though if that’s not an option perhaps there’s a way to utilise outdoor space; as with the use of outdoor seating, heater lamps, and a gazebo you can make use of your outside space in most weather conditions.  Just remember your home security system ( probably won’t extend to the garden, and therefore you’ll want to keep all valuable items inside your house.


Make Better Use of the Available Space You Have

With some careful home improvements, you can maximise the space you already have in your home.  For instance you could fit loft boards and use this area for additional storage; though make sure you only put items that will not be affected by damp here or ensure that you are able to adequately protect your precious items from damp.


Convert Your Attic

Leading on from the fitting of loft boards, if you are in need of an additional room, a full loft conversion might be the answer.  A loft conversion is a great way to make use of that additional area under the roof, which a lot of people leave as wasted space, or storage.  The other thing to consider with regarding to converting your attic, however, is there’s often a substantial investment attached to this process but it will increase the value of your home in the long run.



When you can’t make do with the small space you have, it might be time to consider building an extension, or moving home.  Many people today are buying a small plot of land, near to or ideally next to their home, in order to build an additional space.  The alternative, is to buy a shed and put it in the garden or convert your garage into a home office for example.

Often times, even though it may seem counterintuitive from a cost perspective, remodelling your home can make better practical use of the space you have, resulting in much better storage and functional space – which leads to a feeling of having more space around the area, which tends to make people feel much more comfortable and less boxed in within their home.






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