Work For Space, Or Space For Work? Decorating A Home Office


The spare room in most people’s houses is used primarily as a junk room. Instead of using it as somewhere to store all of your items you cannot bear to part with, why don’t you put them in your shed, and use the spare room for a worthwhile purpose? A home office needs to be a staple in most people’s homes now, as a lot of people are either working from home much more or need somewhere just to get away for 5 minutes so they can do that essential life admin. But, regardless of your reasons for setting up a home office, what’s the best way to decorate it and to lay it out?


Don’t Sacrifice Space

If you’re going to use your home office for lots of work, you don’t want to overload the space and feel cramped. Think about the furniture you want to put in there, and if you’ve got a small office, you may only be able to fit a desk and chair in there. If you look at furniture from Cuckooland, you can see a console table is small enough to fit in an office space and is easily movable if you are unhappy with its location in your office. Remember, before investing in any furniture, you need to think about how your room is going to function. You need the office to suit your needs and not the other way around. This means looking at functional furniture, and this includes a great chair. If you’re going to be sitting in this chair for hours on end, it’s got to be comfortable, and it’s got to be ergonomically correct.


Picking The Style

The main purpose of a home office is that it should fit in seamlessly with the rest of the home. So, when picking your furniture and your decor, you want to keep it in the same tone as the rest of your home. In addition to this, think about your productivity in this home office, while you may have a home that’s got lots of gaudy, art deco style, or is very showy in terms of the displays, do you want these aesthetics to continue into your home office? If you do, you may want to think about paring it down somewhat, so you don’t get too distracted. Remember, you are using the home office for work, so, although it’s tempting to dress it up like it’s an entertainment room, that is not the function it’s going to be used for.


Picking The Colors

The main thing about designing your own home office is that you don’t want it to be too reminiscent of work, yet you don’t want it to be thoroughly distracting. This is where color comes into play. So instead of that boring office beige color, go for something that’s a bit more stimulating. Or, you need to find the best colors to keep you mentally occupied. This could be something like seafoam blue, or you need something a bit more stimulating like orange or lime green.


These are the three things you first need to think about when setting up a home office. Once you’ve got these basics in place, you’ve got a home office you can truly make your own.




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