6 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Your Christmas House Guests



Are you playing host to visitors this Christmas? From family to friends, it’s good to share your home with others over the Festive season, though you will need to get your home ready for their arrival. Here are a few tips to make your life easier, no matter how difficult some of your guests may be.

1. Have a tidy-up the day before your guests arrive. You don’t want them tripping over your kid’s toys, or choking on the dust that has accumulated over the last few weeks, so make housework a priority. Of course, if you suddenly discover you have got your dates wrong, and your guests are arriving a day early, here are some quick cleaning tips to help you get the chores done in record time. Your guests will never know!

2. If you have a spare room in your home, you need to get it ready. This includes clearing any hanging space, ready for your guest’s festive outfits, and removing all the boxes and laundry that may have been cluttering up the space while the room wasn’t in use. With all the extra luggage and belongings your guests will be bringing along with them, as well as removing your own stuff to make way for their clutter, you will need to consider storage options to accommodate everything.

3. Buy them pre-Christmas presents. While this might sound extremely generous, you are doing yourself a favour. Assuming they forget essential items, gift them new toothbrushes, towels, and baskets of toiletries. Not only will they thank you for your generosity, but it will reduce their embarrassment if they have forgotten their own. It also ensures they won’t get their hands on your stuff. They may share a toothbrush in their home, but do you really want them using yours?

4. Sort out your dining arrangements. An extending dining table will accommodate your guests easily, and unless you want your guests sitting on boxes, you should probably get a few more chairs in too! Remember to ask your guests about their dietary requirements. Cousin Bob may have been a voracious meat eater last year, but he may have gone vegetarian in the meantime, so it’s worth double-checking, just in case.

5. Should you have more guests than you can handle, you are going to have to think about living arrangements, and where to put everybody. Your spare room should accommodate those people who enjoy a lie-in in the morning, as they are less likely to be disturbed by the morning rush. Early birds should camp out in the living room, as you won’t need to tiptoe around them in the morning if they are already up and about. Oh, and if you are thinking about buying new furniture, then consider a sofa bed which can double up for daytime and nighttime comfort.

6. Finally, you might want to prepare a handy list of guidelines for your guests. While we aren’t saying they are a nuisance, you can alleviate a lot of stress by giving them a few house rules. A tour of your home may also be in order, letting your guests know where they can and cannot enter. Think we’re going too far? Well, when you catch Great Aunt Sue rifling around in your bedroom drawers, you will wish you had prepared her earlier. That way, her excuse of “I was looking for the bathroom” won’t be as acceptable.




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