The Finer Foods In Life



Some of us go by without realising the finer foods in life are sometimes the best. A lot of us will settle for a Chinese takeaway and consider it the finest cuisine they have ever ate. Which, to be honest, it is one of the tastiest things to eat, but it doesn’t define the finer foods of life. There are so many different delicacies from around the world that’ll really open your palate to new tastes, yet as we said, nobody really goes out and tries them. So, this article is going to try and persuade you to explore the world through food a little, all of which can be cooked at home if you get the right ingredients.


Three Course Steak Experience

Steak is definitely one of the finer foods in life, it is also a common dish that so many people love from around the world. But when they eat it, they’re never really truly getting the full flavour from the steak, or the full experience. If you want to dine in a finer style, you need to go three course. To begin with, make a homemade soup full of your favourite flavours. Butternut squash soup seasoned with black pepper is a gorgeous dish, and is super easy to make. A soup maker would be best for this, you can check out reviews of them here Then for the main, there are certain ways to have certain cuts of meats, details of which can be found here. Make sure you go to your butchers and get a fresh cut of steak rather than the supermarkets. Season with some salt and pepper and leave to air for 30 minutes. Begin to grill the steak, turning every so often. Serve with cooked asparagus, mushrooms, fried egg, and whatever sauce you wish. Peppercorn accompanies steak marvellously. To finish, homemade Creme Brulee is a perfect desert. An easy to make recipe can be found here, be sure to garnish with some brown sugar and burn it off to get that lovely crispy top.


Creamy Carbonara

A true Italian style carbonara is a dish like no other. Make it too heavy, and you’ll ruin it, but get the balance of cream and flavours just right and it’ll be a treat that’s hard to beat. Be sure to make everything from scratch, the sauces from the shop just aren’t as good as what you could make yourself. For the sauce, mix some egg whites, parmesan, and pepper into a bowl and mix well. Contrary to popular belief, carbonara does not require cream! In a separate saucepan, start to cook some pancetta and garlic until the pancetta is cooked. Add the egg yolk sauce and the pancetta over some paster and begin to cook. Add in some chopped bacon for a salty addition. Wait until pasta is cooked and serve. Making it fresh is so much better than what you’d buy from the shop.




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