Top Speed Cleaning Tips for Housework in an Instant

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Expecting guests at the last minute or is time simply running away with you? No problem! Use this guide to help you make keeping on top of the housework easier.


Get organised before you even begin

Keep a list of must-do daily chores and go through the tasks until each is completed. They don’t need to be big things – something as simple as watering the plants might be a job easily forgotten otherwise. Doing a few basic jobs each day no matter how busy you are will cut down on the household chores in the long run.


Skip a few steps

You’re only speed cleaning, not doing a big clear out, so if your oven is still clean, drawers are still tidy, or mats don’t need airing, leave them! Don’t waste time on tasks which were done a week ago; if you really want to do them, leave it to the end.


Go from top to bottom

Always start from the ceilings of a room and work to the bottom. There’s nothing worse than spending fifteen minutes making sure that the carpets are spotless, only to dust the top shelves and have a thick layer fall back onto them.


Turn up the music

Cleaning doesn’t have to be the boring task it’s made out to be! Stick on your favourite tunes and make it fun.


Return things to their place

Carry a basket with you as you go, and place anything that doesn’t belong in the basket. This saves you from wasting time running back and forth from room to room until the room you’re working on is done. Once you’ve finished the rest of the cleaning, return all the objects to their homes.


Think ahead

Soak any pans that you need to wash at the beginning, then once you’ve completed the other tasks, go back to the kitchen and wash, dry and put them away.


Keep a rubbish bag with you

As you go from room to room, you’ll probably come across spare bits of paper, mail you don’t need and general rubbish that doesn’t need to be there. Throw it away immediately, don’t wait until it’s time to tidy that particular room.



If you have young kids, get them to pick up their toys while you do other tasks. If you have older children or family members, give them chores more suitable to their ability, such as vacuuming, washing the dishes, or cleaning the bathroom. Give everyone a specific task for which they are responsible. Many hands make light work!


Speed cleaning can take you no longer than an hour if you do it right. Do you have any speedy tips to add to the list? Share them in the comments!



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