Autumn Stitchery Wall Hanger


Autumn Leaf Stitchery



Bring the outdoors in this autumn with this simple but effective stitchery feature. They’re so quick to make you could even opt for a whole leaf collection to adorn your walls!


What you need:


Quilting ring

Cream cotton

Fabric pencil

Dark brown embroidery thread

Lighter brown embroidery thread

A leaf template



Press the cotton background and position tautly into place on the quilting ring.

Trace around your leaf template. You can use real or fake leaves, or you can print off and trace an outline. Add the veins.

Using the lighter shade of brown, separate two strands and begin stitching around the leaf outline. Try to make all the stitches the same size with an equal gap between each.

Use the darker shade of brown (two strands again), to add the vein detail.

Hang complete with ring.




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