Declutter your home this Christmas


Everyone’s looking to create more space around their home. with new properties being significantly smaller than traditional homes, it’s all too difficult to keep ahead of the clutter and on top of your storage problems.

Worry not, because Kentspace Self Storage has the solution for you, we’ve compiled 5 top tips of how to create more space in your home today.


Interior Adjustments

There are a few interior design tweaks you can try out to create the illusion of more space in your home. Light decor will help achieve this, making smaller, and more dark rooms appear brighter, more light and airy. You can also try tricks such as vertical striped wallpaper and accessories, which all draw the eye upwards, making the room feel taller.


Entertainment Units

In most living rooms, the furniture is pointed towards the television. Avoid big bulky television units and opt for some discreet shelving. Also, shelving units that aren’t full to the brim with books, DVDs, and clutter will add a sense of minimalism to the room.

You can also try this trick in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, decluttering works wonders for the mind as well as being a productive and much-needed task.


Avoid Bulky Furniture

Large, bulky items of furniture can make spaces feel cramped, busy and less aesthetically pleasing. This, combined with darker coloured wood or fabric for furniture can also make spaces feel smaller and darker. While you might need that large unit to store your golf clubs, it can be useful to store these somewhere out of sight, for example a garage or attic. Especially if they only come out once a year!


Hidden Storage

Hidden home storage is amazing. Spaces out of sight, such as under the bed or in the airing cupboard, should be utilised to the max. Use drawer separators, large plastic storage boxes or clothes boxes to make the most of your space. Why not add some hanging racks to the back of a bedroom door to hang belts or handbags? If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings in your home, install shelves above door frames this will not only keep items out of your way, but also draw eyes upwards, again giving the illusion of more space.


Storage Units

Here at Kentspace, we offer amazing personal and business storage solutions for all. If you’re looking to store personal belongings, office equipment, or anything else, we have the solution for you. We don’t just offer storage units, we provide mailbox solutions, document storage, or even fully serviced offices! For more information, just check our website today!





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