How to Make Your Small Home Look Bigger


When you were young, you probably dreamed of living in a huge house, with high ceilings and expansive rooms. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible, and many of us live in much smaller homes. A more modest home can have some fantastic benefits. They can be cosier and warmer in the winter, they cost less to heat and take much less time to clean. But, you may still want to make your home look a little larger, allowing you to make the most of your space.



If you are trying to add more space to your home, the first thing to do is get rid of some stuff. Prioritize what you need in your rooms and get rid of anything else. If you hope to move to a larger home one day you could find local self storage to keep any furniture that you don’t want to part with. Try to keep your home as tidy as you can by decluttering regularly. Don’t keep things that you don’t need or want just for the sake of it.


Use the Height

When you’ve got a smaller home, you may not have much floor space. But, you’ll have the height of your walls. Use it. Mount shelves high up or install floating shelving all around your room. This gives you great storage but also keeps clutter out of your eye line when you walk into the room.


Keep it Light

You may love dark, bold colours or dramatic patterns, but they can be a mistake in a small room. Too much going on, or dark walls can feel closed in and claustrophobic. Light, plain walls in neutral colours can make your rooms feel bigger. If you do want to add colour, do it with your accessories or accents. You could even add a feature wall, just try to make it one with shelving to break things up. To add pattern and personality to these neutral walls, frame some artwork and photos, just don’t go overboard.


Add Mirrors

Mirrors are perhaps the best way to make a room look larger. They stretch out the space and create the optical illusion of the room carrying on past the wall. A large mirror on the wall opposite the entrance to the room can make it feel much bigger. Smaller, decorative mirrors can also work well. Just make sure the frames are light and not overly complicated.


Use all of the Space

If you want to make a room seem larger, it’s a good idea to keep the centre empty and uncluttered. So, push all of your furniture as far out to the walls as you can. It’s also a good idea to stick to smaller pieces, as anything oversized would overwhelm the space.


Paint the Ceiling

No one ever looks at ceilings, décor wise; they are a complete waste. Paint or wallpaper yours in a light colour of gentle pattern and everyone that walks into your room will look up at the ceiling. This will make the room seem taller and add more space.



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