How to Start Your Own Kitchen Table Business



With kitchen table industries growing at an accelerated rate and contributing more than £300bn to the UK economy, could it finally be time to stop contemplating about getting your business off the ground and start putting the wheels in motion instead?

Whether you have a fondness for furniture restoration, interior design is your passion, or you are a dab hand with the sewing machine, there really are no limits to what you can achieve. Everyone has heard of now. The popular e-commerce store began by two friends working from the kitchen table and is just one example of how a cottage industry can start off small but make it big.

When considering starting up on your own you may begin to feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of preparation to consider. Breaking it down into bite-sized chunks can make it easier to deal with.

Whether you want to design and make products yourself or want to source items to sell on, make your decision on what you want to offer your buyers. Once you have done so you can work out the costs involved, both start-up and ongoing. Do you need any special equipment in order to begin? Will you need a workshop or storage facilities? Could you do with any extra training? Or are you even considering learning a completely new skill?

Once you have established what products or services you plan to sell, you will need to work out where you will be selling from. Do you plan to rent a pop-up shop or a table at craft fairs? Are you planning on selling online only?

Regardless of what and how you will be selling, in today’s market it is vital for every business to have an online presence as well as offline.  Your logo will often be the first impression that potential customers will have so getting it right is a must. If you have a design in mind – or even if you need some inspiration when you don’t – you can bypass a designer and create your own logo quickly and easily without any prior experience or knowledge at all.

A well-designed website can be a simple yet effective way of reaching a market you might not otherwise find. It could be as simple as an introduction to your business and a contact page or it could be a complete e-commerce site from which to base your business from. Either way, the set-up costs in creating a website need not be expensive at all. Only a little basic knowledge will enable you choose to build your own or alternatively, you could hire a business to build your business site for you, which often can cost less than you might think. The initial outlay will be worth it, providing a virtual shop window for your business that no entrepreneur can afford to be without.

So what are you waiting for? You have a business to start, after all.




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