Seek Out the Best London Views from Above


London is a beautiful city, especially if you catch it from the right angle. A birds-eye-view or skyline view of London is undoubtedly the best way to see it but to get one of them, you need to get up high. You might not want to pay for an expensive attraction or to get into a plane or helicopter. Fortunately, there are other ways to find the views you’re looking for. Next time you’re in London, you can discover a range of incredible places to get a good view, whether you’re willing to pay for it or you want to get your view for free so pack your rain jacket and brolly and see the best of London from above!


Choose a High Building

London has some pretty tall buildings that will give you an incredible view. Get up high and you can find some awesome views across the city. The tallest building in London is The Shard, and you can choose to visit various places in the building. If you want to, you can simply book tickets for the viewing gallery, which is London’s highest viewing platform. Other tall places to get a good view include The Switch House at Tate Modern, One New Change, and Sky Garden. You don’t even need to pay for most places.


Find Somewhere Great to Stay

If you like a good view, choosing where you’re going to stay can give you one all day. You can choose to pay more for your accommodation at a hotel that will guarantee you a great view. The Shard is again a great choice, where you can find the Shangri-La hotel. But if you want a more cost-effective way of getting a good view, renting an apartment could work for you. Check out to find a serviced apartment. You could find a beautiful place to stay with a view that you can enjoy on every day of your stay.


Climb a Hill

If you prefer to be outside and not on top of a building, you could go for a walk. London has some great hills that are good for climbing, offer you a great view, and provide you with somewhere quiet to sit too. There’s One Tree Hill (nothing to do with the American TV show), Primrose Hill, and King Henry’s Mound in Richmond Park, among other places. You can seek out an incredible view while being surrounded by nature, instead of being in the middle of an urban environment.


Take the Cable Car

How about getting a view of London while you’re on the move? In addition to the London Eye, there’s also the option of the Emirates Air Line cable car. Travel between Greenwich Peninsula and Royal Docks and enjoy some wonderful views along the way. You can book single and return journeys, visit the Emirates Aviation Experience, and even book a private pod for your group. You can also book a champagne “flight” and enjoy a glass of bubbly during the journey.

See London from the best angles by seeking out some amazing views. There are all kinds of places you can visit to see the best of the city.






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