Five Numbers Every Homeowner Needs to Have Handy


Owning your home comes with certain responsibilities, and you are often required to deal with emergencies you are not qualified to solve. Some of the things that go wrong in your house will require a specialist, and it is best to have their number saved or written down somewhere safe. Below you’ll find a list of professionals whose numbers you want to keep handy.


Emergency Plumber

When your toilet doesn’t flush or you have a leak, trying to fix the issue yourself is never a good idea. While it is recommended that you find out where the main stop of your water supply is, you should leave the job to someone who is qualified to deal with it. Find a contractor offering 24 hour emergency callouts and covers different jobs, including burst pipes and drain cleaning, as well as blocked toilets.


Electricity Provider

You need to get the contact number of your electricity provider, so if there is a power outage you can find out when the electricity is likely to return. While asking your neighbors whether they have power can help, you will also need to call in the fault, so it can be dealt with as soon as possible, or you will have all the food in your chest freezer spoiled.


Gas Supplier to Report Leaks or Faults

It is also important that you save the number of your gas supplier, so you can let them know when you notice something unusual, such as smell or lower pressure. When you suspect that you have a gas leak, it is recommended that you notify your supplier and ask them to turn off the gas at your property immediately. Keep all your windows and doors open, so you can stay safe. Switching off the electricity is also a good idea.


Tree Surgeon

Even if you don’t live in an area that is regularly hit by tornadoes, due to climate change, winds are getting stronger and fiercer every year. Your trees can damage other properties, cars, or fences, and even impact the electricity in the area. If you get a severe weather warning, you should contact a tree surgeon immediately to inspect your trees and trim them back.



There are not many people who haven’t at least once locked them out of their home. It is easily done. You might simply step out and the wind will shut the door, with the keys inside. If you have the number of a locksmith stored on your phone, you will not have to deal with the inconvenience and prevent having to break down your expensive front door or breaking the glass of your windows.

There are some numbers you simply can’t live without if you are a homeowner. Make sure that you save them on your phone and write them down in your address book, so you can contact the right professional when their services are needed and deal with emergencies as soon as possible and avoid disasters.




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