7 Ways to Make Your Home Lighter and Brighter


There might be little you can about the layout of your home but if you find yourself craving more light, space and airiness, take note of these seven tips to totally transform your home:


Keep windows free of clutter and heavy dressings

Small windows or those that don’t let in much daylight need to be kept as clutter free as possible. Keep windowsills free of objects and use light, natural curtains and window dressings that allow light to flow through rather than causing it to be limited.


Change what you can

If your home offers the option, you could consider adding extra windows or fixed rooflights to certain rooms in order to increase the amount of daylight that they let in. This is a safe, aesthetic and effective way of enabling a room to instantly benefit from natural daylight, bringing positive effects to both you and your home’s wellbeing.


Use light colours throughout a room

Light coloured walls automatically give an illusion of a brighter, more spacious room. Use light colours for the furnishing and accessories to keep the open feeling flowing through your home.


Replace solid doors for glass ones

Where practical, consider replacing solid wood doors for glass ones instead. Again, this will ensure a flow of light to run through between rooms.


Use mirrors

Mirrors, mirrors on the wall, can make your room look big, not small. 

A strategically placed mirror can make your room look twice the size, reflecting light as it does so.

Win, win, so why not?


Turn to nature

Adding an indoor plant or two can transform the look and feel of a room by bringing the outdoors in seamlessly, and also by their ability to naturally freshen the air around you.


Get rid of the knick knacks

Removing clutter and creating clear, open spaces makes another huge difference to a room. Adding extra storage furniture that doubles in function – a coffee table with drawers or a seat with storage for example – is a great solution to making a room clearer, tidier and more functional.


Making your home lighter and brighter can be simply done with a few small changes that won’t break the bank. Do you have any tips to share? We would love to hear them!












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