Making The Most Of Your Home’s Old-World Charm


If you’re the lucky owner of a home that’s considered landmark or historical, then you likely want to be careful when it comes to any upgrades or renovations. You don’t want to end up doing anything that could end up sacrificing that charm and you don’t want to replace it wholesale. So, how do you ensure you keep its heart for longer?


Make use of the strange spaces

From closets that were meant for firewood to awkward cubbies and corners that seem to have no purpose, older homes do tend to have a higher rate of weird spaces that have no modern purpose. If you want, then fitted storage can help you get the most possible use out of them. If the home is short on space, these bespoke installations can make use of corners that are otherwise unused and help you avoid taking up too much of the floor space of the home.


Replace it bit by bit

When it comes to things like older doors and older windows, then you might find that they’re not as great at insulation as they may have once been. However, you don’t necessarily have to replace them with a brand new door. Instead, fitting old windows with new double glazed glass can be just as effective at making them a lot more heating efficient. However, it’s worth having a window specialist look over them to make sure there are no other problems like air leaks. Sometimes, a replacement is necessary, after all.


Conserve where possible

Before you go into replacing any major architecture features such as the roof, fireplace, and the like, you should look into services that can help you keep more of them, instead. Services like timber conservation are all about being mindful while repairing both the structural and the wholly aesthetic while keeping as much of the original material as possible and, where possible, fabricating fixes that make those features more practical and stable but without interrupting the old-world look, too much. Depending on how much care has been taken of the home, restoration may not always be possible, but it’s an option worth considering at the very least.


Decorate it in a way that suits its construction

You don’t have to go completely old school in your decorating style. No-one expects you to have an old spindling wheel for the atmosphere. However, aiming at a more classic decor style, finding a few antique pieces, even if they’re not wholly era-appropriate can definitely lend a sense of timelessness to the home. The decor can bring out the old charm of the old home. Aside from going with an older style, you can find out more about the materials used in the fixtures and get furniture that matches them.

A little care should be taken to make sure that any restoration, renovation, or redecoration is done with care and respect for the old home around you. You can update and modernise if you want, but you should always be aware of what you’re giving up in the process.








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