How to Save Money on Online Dating


Well, hasn’t dating taken an interesting turn in the last year or so? Who on earth would have even factored in the effect that a global pandemic would have on our love lives and the world of dating as a whole?

Loneliness during lockdown is felt by everyone in some shape or form. What wouldn’t we all give to see our friends and family and be able to hold them tight.

Being single during this time brings its own challenges, and this is where dating apps seem to have truly come into their own.

When real life, face to face interactions are limited and the opportunity to meet new people in a real world scenario is no longer an option, it seems that more and more people are turning to dating apps to find The One.

Do you remember the phenomenon of Corona-Cuffing that hit after the first lockdown? The struggle is real, people.

But as well as the stress and strain of global pandemics and loneliness, there is also the added pressure of financial limitations during this crisis. So how can you save money on online dating?


Keep it local

Using a local dating app can help you to find those looking for love within your own area. If you are seeking Hertfordshire singles¬†what is the point of joining an app that gives you options of people to date that are miles and miles away? Sign up to a Hertfordshire dating site instead which will save you money in travel time when it comes to meeting… whenever that will be!


Utilise tech

Okay, so lockdown restrictions apply currently, but even when they no longer do, don’t rush into meeting. Spend a little more time chatting with one another to ascertain whether meeting really is something you would like to go ahead and do. Some people are not too keen on becoming text buddies, but do utilise video calling. Or what about the good old telephone instead?


Skip the additional features

Many online dating apps offer additional features that you can sign up for. But guess what? You will have to pay for them.

Do you want to unveil who is interested in you? You need to pay extra for it.

Do you want to show your profile to more people? You need to pay extra for it.

In fact, anything beyond the basics will usually require you to pay extra for it.

The question you need to ask yourself is, ‘Do I really need to pay for any more than this app offers for free?’. Often, the answer is ‘no’.


Keep it simple

At the moment we are not able to dine out, we can not meet one another and go for a drink at the local bar or pub, and even meeting for a coffee is hard work as it is takeaway only. However, we can enjoy the simple pleasures of a walk in the park together or a romantic picnic both now and once lockdown is nothing but a distant memory. Oh, please let that be soon!


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