How to Get Your Home in the Christmas Spirit


2020 has been horrible in more ways than one. The coronavirus tops the list, but there have also been the Australian wildfires, as well as the California wildfires. It is also worth mentioning that “murder hornets” were able to make their way to the United States.

The list can go on, but even though 2020 has been what feels like one of the worst years imaginable, it can not take away the holiday season. So with that being said, holiday cheer is more important than ever this Christmas. So buckle your bootstraps, put on your Santa hat, and get ready to spread that cheer!

How can you do that? Well, how about decorating both the inside and outside of your home! It can be simple and easy, or complex and difficult. Either way, there are multiple ways for you to get your home in the Christmas spirit. Here are some examples as to how:


Lawn fixtures

Lawn items are very popular for both Halloween and Christmas time. But instead of putting a giant Frankenstein on your lawn this time around, how about puffing up a good ol’ inflatable Santa Claus?

It does not matter if you live somewhere like Bellriver Homes, or in a trailer park, putting up something like Santa Claus on a motorcycle on your front lawn is a really good way to get people in a happy holiday mood. 


Playing Christmas music in the house

This one can be dangerous, but with Christmas music almost always seemingly lightening the mood, there is no reason not to be playing your favorite holiday jams inside. 

“Jingle Bell Rock”, “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, and “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” are just a few examples of some very merry music, and there is also so much more! 

Now, the reason this attempt to get in the Christmas mood is dangerous is that Christmas music has a chance to be overplayed. That is just like any singular song of course, but the repetition of jingle bells can drive some people up a wall. So to get the best out of this example be careful, and play your music in moderation. 


Lights, lights, and more lights

Oh, Christmas lights. There is almost nothing better than Christmas lights. And if Santa on the motorcycle does not tickle you in the slightest, the route you should go to get as merry as can be is by hanging lights on your home. 

Neighbors and the people driving your home will get a kick out of it. Whether that is because you did a poor job or because your lights are the most beautiful on the planet is up to you. Either way, Christmas lights are gorgeous. And is there really a better way to end this horrible year than making your house cheery and beautiful for yourself and the rest of the world? Hard to tell, but definitely hard to beat.






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