10 Top Tips to Designing Your Ideal Room


pastel color design selection for interior


Every once in a while each one of us looks at a room in our home and gets an urge to give it a whole new look. Whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen or even the basement here are a few tips that will give your room that kick you are looking for:


Grab a notebook

As all sorts of amazing ideas will come tumbling out of your mind at the most inconvenient moments, and before you know it you’ll find yourself unable to remember them for love nor money. Keep a notepad to hand and ensure that you jot them ideas down as they come.


Set your budget

Before you purchase a single décor item you need to figure out just how much you are able and willing to spend. This will save you the trouble of leaving your design incomplete due to lack of funds.


Choose your colours

It is important to know the look that you are going for so that as you go about your business you can be on the lookout for little things that will complete that look.


Know your measurements

Be prepared. Take out your tape measure and note the dimensions of your room. There’s nothing worse than finding that bargain bookcase that will fit perfectly in the alcove in the corner – only to find that it doesn’t’! Make sure fixed furniture can fit through doorways and curtains are the right size for windows before you part with your money. Keeping a note of dimensions when you’re out and about will help you stay organised when you see that next must-have deal!


Decide on your timeline

It is imperative that you work within certain deadlines. Procrastination takes the fun out of what should otherwise be a very exciting project.


Go for natural lighting

Rays of sunshine have a way of transforming even the dullest of spaces into a magical arena so if its within your power ensure that your room has as much natural light as possible. You may even want to contact an experienced team like the folks at Albany Roofing to look at options for windows that would create a whole new space.


Neutralise the walls

Although it’s a general rule of the thumb that walls ought not to be so bold that they steal attention from everything else in the room, you can still express yourself by using neutral colours on the walls and adding accessories to add brighter accents of colour to it.


Invigorate your floor

The floor gives you a lot more options than the walls; you can choose to use vinyl, bamboo, linoleum etc. But whatever you choose ensure that its colour contrasts that of your walls. Adding a rug or two adds to the homely look and provides warmth and softer comfort under foot too.


Bring in the furniture

Nothing says ideal room better than new items furniture; so bring in those pieces that you’ve always dreamt of having and see how well they complement each other. They don’t have to be brand new items either, transforming existing or second-hand pieces is a great way of putting your own stamp on a room.


Stick to your guns

Some people may think you are an artistic genius while others may not be impressed. Whatever the case, this is your room and if you love it then it’s perfect!





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