How to Make the Most of Small Spaces


vintage trunk



If you struggle with finding a place for all your belongings to fit, don’t worry. Here are several ways to making the most of a small amount of space as well as some useful tricks to make the room seem bigger than it actually is:


  1. When it comes to filing important documents and letters, use a wall file to keep everything organised, but keep desk or floor space free.
  1. Replace CD and DVD cases with into special books with sleeves: you’ll be saving so much space, with one book of 50 CDs taking up the amount of space that two jewel cases would require.
  1. Keep all of your shoes in one storage cabinet rather than out in the open. It makes the room seem less cluttered, and also helps you remember where they are when you need them.
  1. vintage suitcasesBuy some under-bed storage boxes or better still, go vintage with old suitcases or low-sided crates. You’ll be able to reach whatever you need easily without making a mess in the process.
  1. Rather than keeping your cleaning supplies in several cupboards around the house, dedicate one cupboard for them and fix a clothes rail across it. You can then hang up any bottles of cleaner that have a spray top.
  1. If you have a flat screen TV, hang it on the wall rather than using a stand. You’ll eliminate the amount of space a stand obtains, and will make the room appear larger.
  1. Rather than buying several sofas, why not insert a window seat? It gives the room a vintage feel as well as making a cosy seating area.
  1. Replace glass shower doors with a curtain that can be pulled back when it’s not in use.
  1. Combining an everyday living area with a restful sleeping place can be easily done by adding a day bed to the room, providing day time seating that easily transforms ready for a restful night-time slumber.
  1. Use furniture that offer different uses. Vintage trunks are a great way of combining a table with storage.


You’ll be amazed at how much space you can acquire with these tips, and you might even discover some extra space you didn’t even realise you were missing!


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