10 Versatile Ways to Use Bicarbonate of Soda



Believe it or not, bicarbonate of soda is actually one of the most important things in your kitchen cupboard. You can use it to whip up a laundry detergent, a carpet shampoo, and so much more.

Don’t believe us? Here are ten uses for bicarbonate of soda that you can try today:


For smelly sinks

Put a teaspoon or two down your plughole and run warm water for a few minutes. This will stop your sink or bath from smelling bad.


For shiny teeth

Use it as a toothpaste when you’re out of the proper stuff. Make it into a paste by mixing it with a little water. Beware though, it’s not ideal as it does taste awful!


For freshening up your fridge

Place a ramekin of bicarbonate of soda in the fridge to keep bad odours to a minimum.


For your kitchen tops

Sprinkle some onto a damp cloth and wipe down your counters, sinks or microwaves with it. It’ll deodorise it as well as cleaning it.


For your laundry

If you’re out of laundry powder, use 4oz of bicarbonate of soda as a backup.


For you!

Sprinkle it on under arms as a natural powdered deodorant.


For the loo

If your toilet is beginning to smell not-so-nice, pour 8oz of bicarbonate of soda down there and leave it for 45 minutes before flushing. For extra effect, leave overnight.


For baths and basins

Make a spray for your bathroom by mixing together 4oz of bicarbonate of soda with 2 tablespoons of liquid detergent. You can add vinegar if you wish.


For blocked drains

If your drains are blocked, pour 8oz of bicarbonate of soda into the plughole followed by 8oz of hot vinegar.


For pots and pans

When you soak your pans in hot water and washing up liquid, add a substantial amount of bicarbonate of soda. The soda will work at loosening the ground on food, leaving it easier to scrub off.


Bicarbonate of soda really is the most convenient supply. You’ll now be able to cut down on the amount of bleach and other harmful toxins you use, as well as save money on household products!

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