9 Five Minute Makeovers for Your Home


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Ever walked into a friend’s home and noticed a fresh new aura that wasn’t there the previous day when you dropped by? You probably asked her how she pulled off the new look so fast and she must have given you the highlights of how she did it. Well, we are here to make sure that you outshine her using a few quick tips that will upgrade your home.


Spruce up your mailbox

This is where you let your imagination run wild. Go for a piece that truly expresses your style and leaves everyone that sees it eager to meet its owner.


Change your door and drawer furnishings

Changing your door and drawer furnishings is an inexpensive yet effective way of transforming your furniture.


Get a new dinner set

Since this is an item that you constantly use there is no easier way to bring new excitement into your home than with a new dinner set. You can even ask for your family’s input in choosing this new set.


Bring in some flowers

Even if it is the middle of a frigid winter your house can be in a constant state of spring time bliss with a daily dose of fresh flowers.


Change the scent of your home

There is nothing sweeter than walking into a room that smells fantastic. And with so many amazing scents being available in the market; feel free to experiment until you find the one you love.


Upgrade your light switches

If you are very handy around the home then this will be a piece of cake. However, if you are not comfortable around electricity please don’t shy away from hiring someone to do it for you. It will only take a few minutes.


Touch up on chipped paint

Always keep some paint from your home remodelling or at least keep a record of the exact shade you used on various walls and fixtures. These will come in handy when the paint begins to peel and you need to touch it up.


Replace your cushions

Changing the cushions on your seats gives them a new lease of life in addition to improving the general aesthetics of your living room. Alternatively, replace the covers with something different for a completely new look.


Show off your literature

Bring out your great-reads from wherever you had them tucked away and let your guests see them. They do not just make great talking points but also give your room character.




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