How to Make Large Rooms Feel Cosier

Illuminated interior. Vector illustration.


Large rooms are great to have but the expanse of space can create its own problems.

Making a large room feel cosy without overcluttering means choosing the right kind of furniture, colour schemes and accessories – although you can be slightly more daring if you choose. If your home provides you with a huge but far from cosy room, we give you some tips to make it look a bit more homely.


Paint it two different colours

Whether you choose to have a single feature wall or paint the bottom half one colour and the top another, it’s a good idea to have two different colours on the walls. A feature wall will grab people’s attention, while a two-toned wall will make the ceiling look lower.


World Map Picture with Antique Taupe Frame - Artisanti
World Map Picture with Antique Taupe Frame – Artisanti

Use lots of frames

Fill the walls with canvases, framed photos, shelves and wall art. This will make use of the wall space available while also giving the room a warmer feel. Avoid making it too symmetrical though, as staggered frames add an enjoyable effect to the room.


Replace coffee tables

We’re not saying get rid of anything and everything that could be used to hold your drinks, flowers and books. You can just make it look a bit more inviting by using different objects for the same purpose. If your aim is to make a cosy but still sophisticated living room, why not try using an oversized tufted ottoman? They can still look tasteful, but will reduce the gap between sofas or other furniture. Some also contain storage compartments, so you won’t waste any space with separate storage boxes.


4' Potted Bamboo Tree -
4′ Potted Bamboo Tree –

Add vegetation

Nothing makes a room feel snugger than potted plants and flowers dotted about the room. If you have high ceilings, we’d recommend tall potted plants. However, to do this make sure that you have an adequate amount of light to support the plants and keep the room bright.


Separate the room

Rather than having one great living room with furniture splayed out everywhere, section it into two or three parts. For example, a reading area, dining area, conversation area or television area. There really is no limit!


Balmoral Honey Bookcase - Laura Ashley
Balmoral Honey Bookcase – Laura Ashley

Avoid things being pushed against the wall

There are few things that make a large room look stranger than a sofa pushed right up against a wall opposite another several feet away. This results in shouting, and who wants to have to yell when having a conversation? Move the seating closer together, and if you really want something covering the wall, go for a bookcase or coffee table.


You won’t have to worry about having too much room to fill now. These few things can make a big difference, and your living room will be warm and welcoming to anyone.


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