Quick and Easy Cork Christmas Trees


cork christmas tree fiskars


Fiskars are well-known in the crafting world for their collection of high-quality products to help turn creative ideas into crafty reality. Now they are sharing their know-how with these wonderful Christmas decorations which are ideal for tables, mantles and, with a little adapting, for hanging off the Christmas tree too!:


Corking Christmas Trees


What you will need:

Wine corks halved

Cocktail sticks



Fiskars scissors


How to make them:

Cut a triangular tree shape from your selected paper.

At regular intervals, (we used 1.5cm) make a small hole in the paper using the tip of your scissors.

Push the cocktail stick in and out of the holes then adjust to get the shape you like.

Stick the end of the stick into the cork and decorate as you wish around the cork base and top of the tree.


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