9 Alternative Ways to Organise Your Craft Supplies

If you are anything like the crafters we know, the chances are that you have plenty of supplies and not enough to keep them organised! We’ve compiled a list of items that you can use to get your craft supplies organised once and for all. The best part is you’ll probably already have some of these in your home already!


For ribbons and thread spools:

Typhoon Novo Red Kitchen Roll Holder - Lakeland
Typhoon Novo Red Kitchen Roll Holder – Lakeland


Kitchen roll holder

Get a kitchen roll holder and stack up all your rolls of ribbon. It makes a great display, and is extremely practical when it comes to measuring how much you need to cut off.


Tape reel

We all have those rolls of tape than came on a holder, but never had a use for them other than for the sticky stuff. One stylish and useful thing you can do to give it a second life is use it as a ribbon holder. If you don’t have the nicest looking holder, decorate it with decoupage!


Coat rack

If you want to make a nice wall hanging of threads, we’d recommend using a coat rack. You can get them in all different shapes, sizes and designs, so they’ll fit in well with any theme, whether that’s modern or shabby chic. You can even fit a smaller peg rack inside a cupboard if you want to keep them hidden!


For buttons and other small things:


Heritage orchard small shallow bowl - denby
Heritage orchard small shallow bowl – denby

Ashtrays and shallow bowls

If you visit antique shops often, you’ll more than likely see several vintage looking ashtrays or bowls. These are brilliant for storing buttons, hooks and eyes, needles, and any other small craft piece you can think of. Not only do they look great, you can easily find what you’re looking for.


Pens, paintbrushes, and other long things:


Linea Wine Rack - House of Fraser
Linea Wine Rack – House of Fraser

Wine rack

Instead of using a wine rack to hold bottles, why not get a long glass container and store any pencils and paintbrushes you have? If you get one with six holders, you have room for pens, pencils, paintbrushes, knitting needles, and then some additional space.


Metal buckets

This one will really bring a vintage feel to your room. Get buckets in different sizes for a good alternative to paintbrush pots. They can work with anything really, whether they’re small or large, but we think they bring a fantastic chic look to its surroundings with longer items such as pencils and brushes.


Keep it hanging:


Shower caddy with hooks - john lewis
Shower caddy with hooks – john lewis

Shower caddies

If you have several notebooks and want somewhere to put them where they’ll be out of the way but easy to access, try using a shower caddy. You can store your books and hang a pot of pencils, buttons, ribbons, or even scissors at the same time.



This is an amazing way to make use of your wall while also keeping you things orderly and in easy reach. You can hang anything up on the pegboard, from scissors to ribbons, so there is no limit to what supplies you can store on your wall now.


On the go:

Plastic bath tote

If you don’t have one set crafting space and prefer to get creative wherever the inspiration is strongest, try storing most of your essentials in a plastic bath supply carrier. It makes it easy to dash from room to room without having to pack everything up and make several trips.


Do you have any ingenious ways to organise your craft supplies? Share them with us in the comments!



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