Shabby Chic Bedrooms on a Budget – 8 Small Changes to Achieve the Vintage Look

shabby chic bedroom


Creating a vintage bedroom from something completely different is not impossible, even when you’re on a budget. Luckily, there are several small things that you can do which are both shabby chic and cost effective – after all, the whole shabby chic idea comes from reusing, refurbishing and making the most of what you have!

Rather than redecorating your entire room, you can make a few simple changes and give it a fresh look for less. All of the below are ideas which you can buy for very little money, or make it unique by creating them yourself.



Decoupage your furniture

You may have a beautiful chest of drawers, but they might clash with the vintage idea you had in mind. Don’t pop to the shops just yet to buy a new set, as if you decoupage them you can revamp them and give them a whole new look with minimal effect on the budget! Simply get paper or fabric that you like the design of, stick it onto the drawers, and cover it with several layers of varnish. You can do this to whatever object you want, including chairs, vases, mirrors – anything!


Neutralise your walls

Giving your walls a couple of coats of neutral paint will create the perfect backdrop to any accessories and accent pieces that you can add to create your colour scheme. Opt for a simple white which provides a clean, fresh, elegant look, or add a hint of colour with pastel pinks, duck egg blues or pale greens instead.


Hang lanterns and fairy lights

This gives your room a warm shabby feel, and also provides a beautiful soft glow. Opt for solar powered lights to save on energy costs too.


Distress your furniture

If decoupage isn’t for you, why not distress instead? Like decoupaging, you can give a completely different look to the piece of furniture with little to no expense, and hardly any effort! There is no right or wrong way to distress furniture, all you have to do is paint the piece you had in mind, and then sand away some of the paint as much or as little as you want, to give a slightly battered, incredibly vintage look.

Add bunting

Bunting is a great way to give a room an added touch as it is so cheap to buy – or even make. Whether it’s a short piece above your window, or a length that spans the entire room, it will add a lovely colourful touch.

Use alternatives to the ordinary

Instead of using a normal vases to hold your flowers, why not switch to using a wash jug and bowl? These are available to buy from a wide selection of places, and you may even find an original antique for added effect! A substitute to using a wash jug is to use a pretty glass bottle – you’ll be amazed at what difference such a small item can make.

Keep it simple

There’s no need to go over the top. While most shabby chic rooms generally hold a lot of accessories, the trick is to keep their appearance modest. Don’t go crazy when it comes to colour schemes: try to keep to two or three colours to avoid it looking messy or overdone. Sometimes the nicest features are the most humble of products.

Beautify your bed

One of the best features in a vintage styled room is the bed. Usually, they’ll be filled with elegant cushions in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. This is where you can really let loose – you can’t go wrong! Whether you make or buy them, they’ll add the final homely yet luxurious finishing touch!

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