Crochet Cup Cosy Pattern

crochet a cup cosy crochet pattern

Our resident craft bod’s mission this month is to keep everyone at MIS HQ warm and cosy. Get started with this easy crochet cup cosy project…


What you will need:

Double knit yarn – in your colour choice x 2
4mm Crochet hook
Darning needle



Make a slip knot with your yarn and chain 37 (measure against your chosen cup to see if you need more or less).

Single crochet all rows until piece measures 2.5 inches. (Measure your own cup to see if the length is suitable).

Tie off and select a different colour yarn to make the fastening loop.

Make a slip knot (leave a tail of about 6 inches) and chain 21, knot and secure also leaving a 6-inch tail.

Place cosy around cup and select area for button to be stitched.

Stitch button into place with contrasting yarn.

Stitch fastening loop to cosy so can be hooked around your cup over the button.


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