Crochet Hearts Cake Toppers



A great project for weddings, baby showers, or Valentine’s Day – in fact these cake toppers are perfect anywhere there is love!




0.60mm crochet hook

Anchor pearl cotton crochet thread

Toy stuffing

Sticks – either barbeque skewers or toothpicks




With your yarn choice and a 0.60mm crochet hook make a slipknot

Chain 3 – join to form a circle

R1 – chain 1, work 9 single crochet though the centre of the ring.

R2 – 18 single crochet – work 2 single crochet into every stitch around.

R3 – Work single crochet into every stitch (18)

R4 – One single crochet in every stitch (18)

Complete 4 more rounds of 18.

Make 2 of these circle pieces – In the first circle to end – slip stitch to even the round, cut your yarn and thread through.

In the second circle – leave 5 remaining single crochet before you finish.

Attaching the circles together – There are 13 single crochet on round 4 of the second circle piece – now work the two pieces together. Count 5 stitches back on the first circle piece and single crochet the two pieces together back to back.

R5 – work 1 single crochet in every stitch around – until you come back to the beginning tail.

R6 – work in the round – single crochet – there will be a decrease at each side of the heart.

To decrease – put your hook through the first stitch, wrap yarn over, pull it through – 2 loops on hook – put hook through next stitch, yarn over then pull yarn through when you have 3 loops on hook.

Work single crochet until you come to the opposite side, decrease on the opposite side.

Continue to do this for all rounds until the heart is forming a point.

Stuff the heart with toy stuffing or polyfill as you go, as the opening will get smaller and harder to work.

In the last round – one single crochet decrease in each stitch around.

IMG_5384Cut the yarn and pull tail through to secure. Sew remaining stitches together.

Insert a stick into the pointed end of the heart and secure with a little bit of glue.

Your cake topper will be ready to use!


Thanks to Louise from the Make It Shabby team for this pattern.


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