Crochet Valentine Mug Cosy




Keep the heat going for longer this Valentine’s Day… with a pair of his’n’hers mug cosies of course! What did you think we meant?!



7mm crochet hook

Hayfield Bonus Chunky 

Red double knit yarn

4mm crochet hook

Sewing thread (red)

Sewing needle


Mug for measurements


Instructions – Mug Cosy:

With a 7mm crochet hook and the chunky yarn chain 31.

Single crochet every row until piece measures 2.5 inches (or the length you need for your chosen mug)


IMG_5302Crochet heart:

With a 4mm crochet hook and red double knit yarn make a magic loop.

Chain 3 and join into a circle

Work 3 treble crochets into the circle

Make 2 more treble crochets

Make 3 double crochets

Chain 1 then treble crochet

Chain 1

3 double crochet into the circle

3 treble crochets

Chain 2

Slip stitch – insert hook into the circle, yarn over and pull through both loops at the same time. Pull the end of the yarn tight.

Pull the yarn from the circle in the middle tight – to close the hole.

Stitch the crochet heart into place on the mug cosy with the red sewing thread.

IMG_5284Add two buttons to one end of the mug cosy so that it can be fastened.


Thanks to Louise from the Make It Shabby team for this pattern.


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