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Here we have put together some tips to help lovers of the vintage style to quickly transform their new house, and give it that shabby chic look. Before getting into detail about the transformation process, we need to mention how much easier it is to achieve the look you after if you buy the right type of property.


Avoid ultra modern exteriors

In theory, you can give any property the vintage look, but it is definitely much easier to do so if you buy an older style house. If you buy a contemporary property, the chances are you will have to compromise and end up with a look that you are not 100% happy with.

The vintage look rarely works well in a vast open plan setting, with floor to ceiling windows or with double height rooms. In this setting, a more minimalist approach to home decor works far better.

Fortunately, apart from that one exception, most properties can be transformed into the vintage style. Here is how:


Add some Victorian style to each room

If you can afford to do so, install cast iron radiators throughout your property. As well as being super efficient, this Victorian style heating system brings a touch of class to every room. This type of radiator will complement and enhance everything else you do to give your home a vintage look and feel.  You can also add canvas art prints.  The canvas can help give it a Victorian feel.


An old style bathroom

Consider buying a Victorian style bath and suite. If you cannot afford to buy new fixtures to start with, buy some period taps and use them to date your existing suite. Add a vintage mirror, shelves and accessories to complete the look. You can them change your suite when you can afford to do so.


A vintage bedroom

Virtually any bedroom can easily be given the vintage look. You just need to rip out any modern wardrobes and change the furniture and light fixings to something more appropriate. It is then a simple matter of changing the linen and floor coverings to something with a vintage feel.


Re-styling your kitchen

Many people think that transforming a modern kitchen is difficult. In reality, this can often be the easiest room to change especially if you already own the right style of white goods.

In that case, you just need to install those, and change the cabinet doors to a more suitable style. Adding open storage, for example a Welsh dresser and displaying vintage kitchenware and storage jars, will help.


Transforming your living spaces

Provided you already own vintage style furniture, paintings and mirrors, you can easily transform your front room and dining area. Start by removing modern light fixtures and replacing them with more period appropriate pieces. Consider changing the flooring or floor covering too. Finally, to complete the job, decorate the room in the right style.


Vintage sells

The vintage look is not only great to live with it also makes your home more attractive to others. Estate agents in Yorkshire and many other areas say that the vintage look is one that sells. Most people seem to like it. When done well vintage style houses are stylish, yet comfortable, and welcoming at the same time.









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