Research Suggests Energy Users Don’t Switch Because They Haven’t Heard of Cheapest Firms

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New research conducted by Money Saving Expert (MSE) has discovered that not knowing whether cheaper energy firms are “any good” is the most common reason householders are reluctant to switch energy supplier.

Their poll of 3,500 asked: “What puts you off / frustrates you about switching energy?”

A third (32 percent) said switching providers was simple, however 23% of 5,192 votes identified the fact that they hadn’t heard of the cheapest companies as a problem, with concerns that they simply didn’t know if the companies were any good.

Accoting to the MSE report, among the other biggest switching deterrents were users not being sure how much money it would save in the long run (10%) and users worrying that actually switching provider would be a “nightmare” despite comparing being easy (9%).

The report also stated that “most people currently get their energy from a group of firms known a the big six – British Gas, E.on, Scottish Power, EDF, SSE and Npower. But as a general rule, its turns out that smaller suppliers tend to offer the cheapest deals on the market.

Flogas Britain Managing Director, Lee Gannon said: “This is very insightful piece an his is a very insightful piece of research by Money Saving Expert, and I’m not surprised by what they found. However, householders and business shouldn’t be put off from switching beyond the Big 6 if they’ve done their research first.

Trust Pilot is very good source for this research. You know that if a company has a good Trust Pilot rating, they’ve been found reliable by other people. At Flogas, we’re extremely proud to have an average 4* Trust Pilot rating, which has come from over 600 reviews.”

He continued: “I’m also not surprised some people think switching is a “nightmare”. However, switching to Flogas is simple. It’s a quick and easy process and we’ll take care of everything, including contacting your existing supplier.

“We have over 30 years’ experience in supplying energy to homes and businesses, so we know what people want. That’s why we have transparent and competitive pricing, UK call centres and easy to understand bills.”




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