Interior Design Mistakes That Are Far Too Common



A lot of people like to think that there is nothing much to interior design and they rely very much on their own instincts. If you recognise this quality in yourself, it is likely that you are making a whole bunch of common errors. So, to give you a helping hand, we are going to talk through a few of these mistakes so you can avoid repeating them yourself. Before you know it, you will be lecturing all your friends about the things that they are getting wrong in their own homes as well!


Rugs of the Wrong Size or Orientation

A huge number of people have hardwood floors in their homes these days, particularly in the living or dining room. Ideally, the rug should be wider than the width of the furniture. This way, it serves as a nice base for it. However, many people select rugs that don’t fill up the space in the right way or position them in an angled way that doesn’t look right in the room.


Exposed Clutter

Yes, exposed storage space looks nice, but exposed clutter doesn’t. It is very important that you consider what things you are going to put on your shelves as this all becomes part of the overall design. Pay attention to the way that the individual items and colours group together. You are aiming for eclectic rather than messy.


Matching Too Well

There is nothing wrong with things that match per se, but if everything looks the same, your home can look like a showroom rather than a place that is lived-in. Check out some of the pieces on as a starting point. The best rooms have some more unusual items that look like they have been accumulated over time rather than ones in which everything looks like it has come directly out of the same catalogue.


Lack of Lighting  

In interior design, lighting doesn’t just serve the purpose of helping people to see better, it also makes a space look more dynamic. Rather than just going for the standard overhead lighting approach, you should instead introduce some more ambient lighting from floor and table lamps.


Missing Warmth and Personality

Back to the issue of making rooms look more personalised and complete, it is the little touches and design features that make a house feel like a home rather than empty and sterile. So, choose some pieces of art or photographs that make you feel happy. These are just as important as practical pieces of furniture. You should be aiming to tell a story with your interior design techniques. A lot of rooms are built up piece by piece rather than all in one go.

Hopefully, now you are in a better position to sidestep the most common of interior design mistakes and create spaces that are both stylish and practical. Even though these five points may feel small, they all add up and you may well end up being surprised by the difference they make when you put them all into practice.



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