Going Back to your Roots With Teak


Teak is by far the best timber for outdoor use due to its high oil content and dense grain that guards against cracking and splitting. The Garden Furniture Centre have just added this reclaimed teak root furniture range to their lines, which is ideal for those seeking eco-conscious, nature-inspired items for a nautical look.

Bring a touch of the woodland world in to your home and create an enchanted forest theme with the Root Table Lamp. Made from specifically selected reclaimed teak root, each lamp is crafted by hand  and totally unique to form this slightly unusual, but aesthetically pleasing lamp. When the lamp is switched on, it illuminates the organic shape of the teak root, which makes for a charming lighting effect. This would also look great in a coastal styled living room.



The wonderfully rustic Teak Root Side Table is perfect for adding eye-catching design to your décor using raw materials. The solid base is constructed with individual root pieces hand-worked and cut to form, and the glass top is tempered for regular use and allows the detail from the base to show through. As it is made from teak and glass, this gorgeous side table can be used both indoors and out, without compromising it’s complementary mixed materials design.

Root Table Lamp; £99.99
Teak Root Side Table; Height: 60cm; Diameter: 60cm; £249.99

Available from The Garden Furniture Centre.



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