Top Tips for DIY Landscaping Your Back Garden


Change your lawn

It is easy to be content with the lawn you’ve had for years, but if you are going to landscape your garden, now is a good time to change the way your lawn looks. In most modern garden designs, people now choose to have shaped lawns, so either round or slightly curved pieces of lawn. Whilst this design seems like a good idea, there will be a potential hassle of needing to grow new grass on your new shaped area. However, if you choose to use fake grass by Grass Warehouseit solves this issue, as it gives you an instant perfect looking grass area.


Create a focal point

Most landscaped gardens tend to have a focal point in their garden. Garden focal points basically makes a statement, so a range of flowers grouped together can be a focal point, or even just adding a large tree to the centre of your garden can be quite the focal point. Equally, rocks and random pieces of cracked paving works really well as a centre piece in a garden and the beauty of this method is that the design is meant to look imperfect, so pretty much any type of rock, stone or paving can be used.


Use paving

Whilst we are on the subject of paving, paved areas of a garden are ideal to be used to put tables and chairs on, so a paved area does help to create a nice outdoor social space. Paving doesn’t have to be expensive, as paving materials do vary in texture and price, and there are many garden shops that sell easy to lay bricks and paving slabs, so this is ideal for a DIY landscaping project.


Add cobbled and shingled areas

Cobbled and shingled areas help to give a garden a decorative look. Shingle or gravel can also be used on top of some plants such as: bulbs, shrubs, grasses, bedding and climbers. However, it is important to use a membrane on large shingled areas as weeds are prone to grow through small stones. Adding shingle to a garden is probably one of the most easiest yet effective ways of making a garden look prettier.


Use plants and flowers

Plants and flowers may seem like an obvious choice to add to a garden, but flowers no longer need to be plain looking. For example, New Zealand Flax and Sedums are plants that are frequently used within modern garden landscaping. It is possible that those types of plants have increased in popularity due to their uniqueness and boldness that they portray. However, it is important to note, the more flowers and plants you have in your garden, the more maintenance and upkeep is needed to keep the garden looking neat and tidy, but luckily, water sprinklers help keep plants and flowers watered with minimal effort required.


Create a pond

Most high-end designed landscaped gardens features a pond. If there is an empty space in your garden that looks a bit bare, then a pond will perfectly fill a space and act like another focal point in the garden. Ponds also gives the opportunity of bringing wildlife such as fish and frogs into your garden.







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