Top Tips for Landlords That Are Decorating a Home Ready for Rental


Have a good sturdy floor

A good sturdy floor is required for a house that will be rented out. This is because when you let out a house, you are taking a gamble with who is living in your home, some people are very careful and considerate, but unfortunately some tenants can be careless when it comes to keeping the floor in the best possible condition. This is where herringbone flooringis ideal because, it is very long lasting and the herringbone design is very fashionable and potential tenants will be very attracted to this kind of flooring.


Choose hard wearing carpet

The same rule applies to carpet. If you are going to rent out your house long-term, or to multiple owners, chances are that you do not want to splurge lots of money on carpet changes over the years, so a hard wearing carpet really is the best option. However, just because a carpet is hardwearing, it doesn’t mean it has to look unsightly, you can still use modern colours of carpets to make it look appealing to your potential or current tenants.


Use a neutral colour pallet

It is important not to get too personal when you are decorating your home which will be rented out, as your taste of interior design may not suit your potential tenants’ taste. You may as well leave the décor of the home as a blank canvas for your tenants to personalise. Therefore, using a neutral colour pallet really is the way to go. White walls are probably the best colour to use, because this colour makes a room look spacious and sometimes bigger than what it actually is, so this is something that may also help to draw tenants in.


Have hard wearing worktops within your kitchen

Basically, anything hard wearing seems to suit rented out houses. It is particularly important that any work top within the home is hard wearing, because the less money you spend on a house as a landlord the better, because if you keep spending vast amounts of money on replacing costly items such as work tops, there will be no profit to be made on renting out a home. Granite and marble work tops are expensive, but they will last for decades and you will not need to worry about whether you tenants are damaging the work tops, as these types of material are very hard to damage.


Choose tiles over paint (where possible)

Within kitchens and bathrooms, tiling the walls are a better option than just using paint on the walls. This is because, tiles do not absorb moisture as much as painted walls do and unfortunately the wetter a wall gets, the more damp and mould that is likely to form on the wall. So, for everyone’s best interest, it is a good idea to use tiles where possible. Tiles may be quite a dated, old fashioned concept, but some larger tiles are really modern and they are still attractive and appreciated by many homeowners.






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