Is It Worth Spicing up the Decor in Your Rental?


Renting is currently one of the most popular ways to own a home and it’s typically because it’s cheaper and comes with fewer responsibilities. For example, you don’t need to worry about things like repairing fixtures or plumbing costs because the landlord will take care of it for you. However, living in a rental (especially an apartment) can often feel less personalised and you’ll be less attached to the place because you know it doesn’t belong to you. But unless you’re preparing to move soon, you’re going to be stuck with the rental for a while and you’ll be torn between improving the decor or saving it for your own place.

In this article, we’ll be going over some simple dos and don’ts with decorating a rental and what’s worth actually doing.


But items and invest in things you can move with you

Easy or portable pieces only. Don’t expect to buy a huge brand new sofa and then take it with you when you move. It’s going to be costly, large and difficult to move up and down the stairs. A few luxury rugs, however, are perfect because they add some lush decor to your room, comfort to your feet and can easily be carried around and moved from home to home. In short, try investing in things that you can actually take with you when you eventually move and avoid any permanent or semi-permanent improvements.


Ask if your landlord will allow it or not

Some landlords can be really picky about what they allow to happen in their properties. Some landlords will tell you “do whatever” and will let you change the decor. Some landlords will request that they supervise or at least oversee the improvements so they know nothing crazy is going to happen to the apartment (and may even pay for some of it if you can convince them). Other landlords will simply say no. It’s fair because they own the place and decide what goes on, but it’s also disappointing.


Thrifty improvements can go a really long way

Since your home isn’t really yours, it’s best to invest in budget decor improvements that will go a long way. Instead of heading to the local furniture store, why not visit your local thrift store so that you can pick up some fantastic pieces for cheap. You don’t want your home to become a mish-mash of random bits of decor so try not to go too overboard. However, you can combine different styles of furniture and pictures to give your rooms a unique look. Add accessories like funky lighting, pictures or even little trinkets, and try to make it more personalized on a budget.


Final words

As long as you don’t go overboard and invest too much money, spicing up the decor in your rental is absolutely fine. There are limitations to what you can do (you should discuss these with your landlord) but you’ll still be able to personalise your home to a certain degree.




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