Hobbies at Home: Craft The Perfect Space to be Creative In!


Having hobbies is so important- they teach us new skills, they keep us productive, they help us to meet like minded people and plus they’re fun. And having hobbies you can do from home is useful since you don’t have to factor in time or travel costs to leave the house and if you have kids you don’t need to worry about childcare. You can enjoy your hobby during nap times or when your kids are in bed in the evening! Here are some ideas for transforming different rooms for hobbies.


Attic/ Basement/ Spare Room

If you have an attic or basement conversion, make the most of it! If the room isn’t done out nice enough to be a spare bedroom, it would be perfect to transform into a hobby room. Quieter hobbies such as blogging, games, art or crafts would be ideal in these kinds of spaces as you won’t be banging around and disturbing anyone. If you’re going to be working with chemicals such as paint and glue, make sure you have sufficient ventilation. Since attics and basements don’t always have windows, you might have to have an extractor fan or a small window installed. If you have a spare bedroom in your home, this is the obvious choice for a hobby room too. Give it a clear out, set up the equipment you need and turn it into a functional space that you can use to enjoy your hobby. It could be anything from a table with storage for art supplies to a sofa with a big tv hooked up to a console to a desk.


Outbuilding/ Garage

Outbuildings and garages make ideal workshops for things like metal work, wood turning, tinkering with cars and brewing alcohol. They’re out the way so noises, smells and mess aren’t an issue and they’re usually fairly spacious so plenty of room for things like tools and equipment. You can even buy metal garage kits which allow you to set up a steel building at home if you don’t already have a garage or outbuilding. Again this is cheaper than having an extension built, and is perfect if you have a hobby that requires a covered space.


Garden Room

Garden rooms are standalone rooms that can be built outside- they’re cheaper than a traditional extension and usually don’t need planning permission. Since you can have them fully insulated and they’re separate to the rest of the house, this kind of space would be great for a noisier hobby such as making music. You’re in a soundproofed separate room meaning you won’t disturb anyone in the house. A bigger garden room could also be transformed into a dance studio, set up a ballet barre and mirror for example and you can dance, move around and play music without disturbing the household. Garden rooms also make great home offices so are ideal if you work from home but still want that separation between working and home life.



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