DIY Starter Projects For Beginners


DIY; doing it yourself. There’s a lot you can do with a hammer and nails. Knowing how to carry out your own home improvements is great, and a handy skill to have in any part of the world. If you can put a shelf together, both with and without any instructions, you’re doing good in the trade department! Yet, we don’t all have the ability to create masterpieces with our hands, but getting started down that route doesn’t have to take too much.

Here’s some of the easiest DIY projects for you to try out in your own time. You never know, it could lead down both a hobby or career path!


Attach Things to the Walls

You can nail anything to a wall and have it look incredibly nice and be completely functional at the same time. So if you’re looking for a little more storage in your house, look to stacking up your feature wall behind the sofa with a little more practicality.

If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, try buying up some planks from George Hill Timber and make your own designer shelves and bookcases. They can be any shape or size that you want, and you can paint them to your heart’s content. You can make a shelf invisible by attaching a book end to the wall and then popping your favourite novels on top, and about 15 pounds of weight can stack on these at once.

On the other hand, you can make your shelves extremely eye catching and creative by building trees to balance things on, or using the pipes that decorate the corner of a room. Either way, making use of all the space you have around you, which would otherwise look completely boring, only takes a bit of thinking and some hammer knowhow.


Set Up a Coffee Table

We all love a good coffee table to finish off a comfy space, as resting your hot chocolate on the sofa cushions next to you never ends well! So if you don’t want to head out to IKEA, or you’re sick of the usual designs of wood finish and want to add something a little more industrious to your space, this is the option for you.

Pipe-frame coffee tables are easy to construct and accomplishing something that looks difficult in a couple of hours, leaving you with better knowledge and something to show for your work on the other side, is a great way to build up a bit of self pride! And it doesn’t even have to be a coffee table that you build, as plenty of side tables and boards can be crafted in the same way.


Make Your Own Jewellery

Jewellery can get expensive, even the faux stuff we can buy from department stores, and costume jewellery has an entire following of its own, However, if you make your own jewellery, and learn how to incorporate intricate designs, you’ve got yourself a home business ready to pack onto ebay!

If you choose to harness your creativity in this way, you have wearable pieces to show off by the end of it, inviting plenty of questions from friends, family, and coworkers over where you got your new bracelet. So, some of the best designs come out of our heads, but to get you started, here’s some fresh and funky pieces to build.

Buy some pliers and a jewellery hammer to bash out the knots and you’re halfway to creating masterpieces yourself. Grab ahold of some craft wire and search the web and local charm shops for beads to go on it! Braid some beads onto a necklace and have it hang heavily from your neck, being a great accent piece for any summer outfit. Or you could make some rings to adorn your fingers, making your new manicure look even more lovely. Dip a setting pad in some glue and then glitter of your choice, and you’ve got something glitzy for a night out where only the drinks have to be on a budget!

There’s plenty you can make with your own hands! Pick up some advice from the web and watch some tutorials, or attend a local class at a hobby store or the townhall. Or just learn by doing, which is sometimes the most effective way! You have so much freedom when you choose to pick up DIY, as you can take things straight out of your head instead of having to rely on someone else’s vision.





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