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The garden is a space where you can host, relax, and play. It is often an area of the home that we neglect, especially during cooler months. However, there are ways around making your garden accessible and comfortable all year round. The right features will ensure that your garden can be a chill-out haven and fun place all year. For more ideas, keep reading.



Lights are a great feature to increase the amount of time you can spend in the garden. Instead of struggling to see in the evenings, they will light up space and allow you to spend however long you want out there. 

Great options for making your garden look chic and modern are string lights. The best solar string lights will create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the garden. You can hang these around your seating area and/or along the fence to light up the garden and make it look beautiful in the evenings.



Swings are a great feature of any garden and can be enjoyed no matter your age. They are a fun feature for children to play with. Or, a nice place to go when you want to have some fresh air and think. 

When they are positioned in the corner of the garden, they won’t get in the way. Additionally, the corner of the garden is the ideal place for children to escape to and feel like they are on an aventure.


Ping pong table

Ping pong tables can offer hours of fun. No matter if you want to play it with your partner, the children, or guests at a party, everyone can get involved with a ping pong session. 

They are ideal for outside spaces due to the ball hitting back and forth. The garden offers you more space and less risk of hitting and breaking something. 

To add a ping pong table, you may want to consider landscaping your garden or adding it to a patio or decking area. Either way, ensure that you have appropriate space so that you can enjoy the game and not be banging into fences, chairs, or other features.


Dining facilities

Dining facilities will allow you to spend more time outside cooking and eating. A barbeque and drinks dispenser and cooler are great additions to the garden. 

Having outside dining facilities will ensure that you do not have to leave your guests unattended when you throw a garden party too. You can design your table and set it up near the barbeque so that you can host and chat while cooking. 


Seating options

You can enhance the fun feeling of your garden by offering multiple seating options. As well as the swing and regular dining tables, you could add loungers, bean bags, or swing chairs. These are great to host other guests and choose from depending on your mood and purpose of being outside. 

Multiple seating options will encourage the household to spend more time in the garden. The children can enjoy the swing chairs while you can enjoy the loungers.




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