Let There Be Light! 6 Lighting Ideas For Your Living Room


Our living room is probably the most used room in the house for most of us. It’s a place where we relax, do important tasks and sometimes, where we like to eat. Therefore, we need to have the correct lighting which caters to every situation. Whether you’re going for the retro, funky look to the more sophisticated and subtle style, at least one of these lighting types should be suitable for your lounge.



If you’re looking for a large amount of lighting in your living room space, skylights are the way to go. Because of the vertical angle, they shed a lot of natural lighting into your lounge, which is great, especially for rooms which have a limited amount of windows. Not only do they look amazing, but they save you on the electricity bill too! Using the natural features of daytime means less usage of man-made lights, which saves you money.


Table lamps

A traditional, but effective lighting idea. The thing with table lamps is that you can get anything you want. From animal-shaped lamps to mirror designs, bendable lamps to dimmable ones, the list goes on. Of course, don’t forget the table! If you’re struggling to find a stylish one to place your new light upon, visit www.thelongeststay.com/designer-tables to find a huge variety.



This idea is great as it brings you light and heat all at the same time. It could be an actual fireplace for a rural look or a decorative one for a modern, visual effect. Doing this lights up any overhead mantlepiece and shelving too, giving a pleasant contrast to the eyes. Nothing says more cosy than light cast from a fire, especially during the dark, wintery months.


Floor lamps

Floor lamps are extremely versatile and are at eye-level which creates a fantastic visual effect. You can find a variety of different colours, shades and styles which fit with your preferred decor taste. This also goes well beside bookcases and cabinets. Position one next to a cosy armchair and get all the light you need to enjoy a book or to work on a laptop.


Wall sconces

A brilliant way to bring your walls to life! This adds shape, contrast and texture to the perimeter of your lounge. If you want to illuminate a wall display, mirror or even your family photos, wall sconces are the ideal choice. For those stunning feature walls, sconces are a perfect choice to light it up and draw all of your guest’s attention to it. You’ll be thanking us later for all those heart-warming compliments!


Hanging lights

This one is great for small living rooms where you have trouble finding enough space. To make your lounge seem bigger, consider placing multiple lights in a grid-like pattern across the ceiling, this gives the effect of clean silhouettes. If you have your seating area in the middle of the room, fix an ambient hanging light such as a chandelier, to emphasise the centre of the room.





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