The Do’s and Don’t’s of Moving House


Finding the right place to live is difficult enough and whether you have managed to buy your own place, or found somewhere to rent, now you are faced with a new challenge: packing up all your stuff for the big move. Your home isn’t just an investment opportunity, it is also a chance to express yourself and you should enjoy living there.

This means that moving house isn’t just about taking all your stuff and trying to figure out how to fit it in. It’s also about editing your style and taste and having the chance to buy new if you want to.


Keep it, Donate it, Chuck it

It’s only when you have to pack up all your stuff that you realise just how much you have! Though you will have to go through the whole property, going room by room will help you keep your sanity in tact as you approach this herculean task.

Use three basic categories: thing you keep, things you donate and things you just take to the tip. You might also want to sell some things but pop them in the donate pile for now and come back to it later on. Move through each room using post-its for the bigger things and boxes for smaller items. Clearly label everything as you go!

If you plan to keep your furniture take measurements to double check that it will fit in your new abode comfortably. There is nothing worse than arriving with your van to find that wherever you put the sofa, it’s in the wrong place. Though keeping as much as you can is a good economical decision, it still has to work in the new space.


Hire a Van

It’s a rare move that doesn’t require a removalist and the right company can be a real asset on the day. Not only will they help you pack everything into the van, they will also help you to unpack and place things in your new property. This makes things a lot easier on the day and is a really practical decision.

Before you do anything, check out any restrictions on parking and whether you will need to apply for a temporary permit. This won’t cost a great deal and will get you as close to the front door as possible! You should also consider the time of day you want to move and try to avoid rush hour.



Boxing Tips for Pro Packers

Always clearly label every box to say what is in it and which room it will belong in. If you are a fan of colour-coding, now is the time to bring out your felt tips and go to town on it!

Make sure that everything you pack is given a layer of protection too. Newspaper is a good idea for most things but bubble wrap will protect more delicate items. You can ask at your local supermarket for old cardboard bottle carriers which are perfect for transporting delicate glasses.

And finally, always pack the kettle, toaster and teabags last and unpack them first. Moving house is a thirsty business!





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