Winter Warmth All Wrapped-Up


The winter season brings festive cheer, a lot of love and higher utility bills. With all the money that is going to be spent over the coming month or so, the last thing you need is extra costs cropping up so it is vital to ensure that you do everything can to reduce the cost of keeping warm, but still find ways to stay toasty when the temperature drops.

While it is all too easy to crank up the heat, doing this is hurting your bank account faster than you might realise. However, there are many different ways you can ensure that you can keep cosy and comfortable, without worrying about the ever increasing cost.


Blankets Blankets Blankets

It’s almost too obvious to mention, but that fact of the matter is that before you even think about touching the thermostat, ask yourself whether or not a t-shirt and shorts is a suitable outfit for keeping warm.

But not just blankets, jumpers, wooly socks and layers can warm you up quicker than you might imagine. It isn’t just outside where you need to be conscious of your own warmth and comfort level and it also means you don’t have to keep getting up every ten minutes because your body has gotten used to the heat.


Around the House

You’ll be surprised at how much heat your house can lose once the sun goes down and once it does you need to take steps to make sure that you retain as much heat as possible. This can be done by closing your curtains at night, as well as using double glazing such as Residence 9 windows, which can help further with insulating any heat.

Furthermore, check for any draughts under doors that may invite cold air into the house. For front doors especially, you can buy runners that fit to the base that acts as a stopper for rejecting the cold weather. Additionally, you lose the most heat through your roof, so check that part of the house is suitably insulated and reap the cosy benefits.


Switch It Up

Just because your house has looked a certain way for as long as you remember doesn’t mean it has to stay like that. It isn’t widely known, but rearranging furniture can have a massive effect on how warm your house gets when the weather gets colder.

You might think that keeping your sofa next to the radiator is only doing good things, but actually, the sofa is absorbing all of that precious heat and not allowing it to circulate the house. If you do have a sofa – or any piece of furniture – blocking the main radiators in any room, it would be a smart idea to try putting it somewhere else and letting warm air flow.

Following such advice can have a massive effect on how your house can keep warm over the winter without it putting too much of a dent in your bank account. Just think, all the extra cash you’ll save can be put towards making the most of the holiday season, and not leave you in a lurch during the new year.





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