How To Halve Your Home Renovation Costs



When you are in love with your home, you live in it until it starts to fall apart. You tread the carpets until they’re threadbare, you use the shower until the tiles start to crack. Eventually, the brand-new home that you moved into starts to look like an old one, and it’s time to give it a revamp and an upgrade. Trying to do that on a budget is not easy, and yet low costs never have to be equal to low quality.

You can keep a tight lid on your budget so that you’re not blowing your finances out of the water. You may not have the right credit to be able to extend on your current mortgage, and despite looking for a credit card for poor credit you may be more determined to afford the renovations of your dreams without having to borrow any money. The biggest trick here is not to go over budget, and where possible, cut the costs. Renovations are notorious for heading over the budget that you set. It’s the temptation of adding new faucets to the bathroom and adding matching sconces. The best way you can keep the costs right down for your renovations is to do a lot of them yourself, but it’s not always easy to do that – especially when you have to upgrade plumbing and electrics. Keeping things very simple is also another way of keeping those costs low, and we’ve got some good ways you can achieve simplicity in your budget and your spending.

Buy cheap, buy twice is a phrase that is coined by the older generation, but it’s a very true one. If you buy cheap wallpaper or paint, you will end up buying all over again to replace the job you’ve done yourself. When it comes to buying certain products, you need not skimp to save money. Think of it as an investment and include the proper costings in your budget. There is no use going for value paint for your house if the quality paint is only a few dollars more and will mean that you don’t have to do the same job twice.

Where you can, save your money by going second hand or buying reclaimed items. Think of the fixtures and the fittings that you want for your house. Auction houses, flea markets, charity shops and second-hand furniture stores are the first places you should be looking. Often, you’ll find just what you need in the most excellent condition but for a lot less than buying new. Head over to eBay and see whether what you need in terms of materials is up for bid; you can find some real gems hidden among the masses online!

When you are planning a renovation, make it so that you are going room to room. Try not to look at the whole project all at once – it can be a little overwhelming to go with it! Your home can look back to its best in no time at all!




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