What Does Your Bedroom Say About You?



When it comes to decoration, we do our best to inject our personalities into every room. How better to make a house a home? The chances are that you want at least a little of yourself in each space. You likely carefully pick your colours and accessories for precisely this reason.

But, some rooms naturally make way for a more significant injection of personality than others. Take your bedroom, for example. This is a space only you and your most intimates will ever see. It’s the place you come just to kick back and forget about the world. So, in many ways, it becomes a case of the more personal the bedroom, the better. You’ll certainly feel more relaxed if it reflects a lot of you.

Without even trying, there’s a chance you’ve already injected a fair amount of personality into the decor here. Such is the nature of the space. But, we’re going to look at a few of the ways to leave even more of a personal mark.


Personal artifacts

When it comes to personality, it doesn’t get better than personal artifacts. These can take the form of anything which appeals, from photographs, to collage walls of your memories. You may even want to install a clipboard for your ticket stubs and so on. Either way, incorporating these methods into your bedroom is a sure way to make it feel your own. They’ll be the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see when you open your eyes. Lovely!

Does that bed look like anybody to you?

Okay, to say that a bed can look like its owner may be a bit of a stretch. But, it’s worth spending a little time thinking about how much your bed frame and mattress suit you. After all, these do form the centerpiece of the room. And, it would be naive to assume there’s a one bed fits all out there. In truth, there are many different options for many different people. Dreamers and those with a love of design may prefer an ironwork bed frame, while practical thinkers would be better with a plain design. And, the options don’t end there. You can also head to sites like ChooseMattress, and choose a mattress which suits. Are you a traditional inner springs kind of person, or a memory foam experimentalist? And, of course, your duvet deserves your attention too. Heavy or light. Tucked or untucked? It’s all worth your consideration.

Your clothes on display



Unless you’re lucky enough to have a private dressing room, your clothes are likely in your bedroom, too. And, when it comes to personality, it doesn’t get much better than these babies. Our clothes are the faces we choose to show to the world. And, you can make the most of this in your bedroom by leaving them on display. You could display them on a rack, or within an open-fronted cabinet. Either way, the image they create is sure to work fantastically.




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