The Power of Indoor Plants



There are several health benefits associated with bringing the garden indoors, and this season, it seems to be very much on trend to have copious amounts of plants dotted around the house to inject deep shades of green foliage in and around the house.  Indeed, bringing the garden indoors seems to be a great way to enliven your home whilst create a feeling of calm, peace and vibrancy.


They Improve Air Quality

We often forget how important quality of air is to our health.  Think about some of the respiratory health problems that occur as a result of damp being in the house; now, whilst plants aren’t a cure for damp, as you would need to visit somewhere like in order to tackle a damp house, they will help purify the air.

This is basic, junior school science, yet we forget how vital they are for producing fresh air; as plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen that is so vital to our survival.  They cleanse the air from toxic chemical such as benzene found in cigarette smoke and the formaldehyde often found in paint.

Plants naturally raise the air’s humidity by releasing moisture vapour – this can be beneficial to people with respiratory problems, people who suffer from sore throats, and even dry skin.


They Can Help You Sleep Better

bedside with lamp plant

When you think about it, essential oils come from plants, and when you use aromatherapy type plants such as jasmine, rosemary or lavender they can subtly increase the quality of your sleep for they have a soothing effect on the body, which in turn lowers heart rate and anxiety.

That said, in reality, using concentrated aromatherapy oils such as lavender in a blended massage oil or through a water based vaporizer is likely to have a more potent affect in terms of helping you get a good night’s sleep, as the scent does need to be a certain concentration in order to have a therapeutic effect.


 They Increase Happiness Levels

Several studies have found that patients in hospitals surrounded by flowers, or those that have a view of a garden are more likely to recover (and more quickly) than those that are not in the presence of plants.  

In a more day-to-day sense fitting for home life, plants do contribute to a general feeling of wellbeing, affluence, and optimism.  Freshly cut flowers in particular tend to be associated with celebration and joy, which our mind associated by previous conditioning.  Then, on a basic level the vibrant colours and fresh scents combine to offer a truly uplifting experience.

See for further information on how plants increase happiness.


 Stress Reduction

pink flower on blue background

Putting plants in your workspace lower stress and fatigue; specifically, they help lower heart rate and blood pressure.  Many people would agree this is a much safer way to reduce anxiety and stress than taking pharmaceuticals such as beta-blockers.



They Produce Healthy Fruit and Vegetables

When it comes to indoor plants, we forget there are several plants such as tomatoes, avocados, carrots, and lemons that can be grown indoors.





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