6 Items The Perfect Bedroom Needs


The bedroom is the one place in the home that you can get your head down and relax into sleep comfortably. You could relax and fall asleep on the sofa, of course, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near as comfortable as your bed would be. When it comes to the bedroom though, it’s so much more than just a bed in the middle and a light or two. You’ve got to think about how the colour makes you feel, the atmosphere, the softness of the carpet or the rigidity of the floorboards. Bedrooms need to have a select number of things for the perfect atmosphere, and we’ve got six of those things below.



Obviously, you cannot have a bedroom without a bed as the main event. You want to have a firm mattress with a pillow or memory top, so that you can have support for your spine. The best part about the bed is the bedding. Throw on the best pillows, comforters, sheets and duvet that you can buy with the highest thread count. Beds are all about comfort – the bigger the better.



It doesn’t matter if you have carpet down or hardwood floors; you need a rug under the bed that spans wide enough to come out either side. A rug will bear the weight of the feet of the bed and stop the carpet from wearing thin underneath it. It’ll also keep the room toasty and warm in the winter months, as you’ve added layers.


Bedside Table

An absolute essential for your private items, phone charger and a lamp within reach of the bed. A bedside table is also a good place to rest a drink and anything that you need to keep handy in the night. Don’t be put off by adding a bedside table to your room; it would look strange without one!


Soft Lighting

A bedroom is a place to relax, and you should aim to have soft lighting in your bedroom rather than harsh lights. There’s nothing prettier than a lighting centrepiece in the room that fits a luxury theme.



Monochrome is in, but you should try to aim for soft pastels for a bedroom. Harsh colours don’t invoke a good sleeping routine, and your bedroom is the place to unwind. It’s far more doable to unwind when the surrounding décor is on point.



Like most people, you’ll get ready for the day in the bedroom where all your clothes and cosmetics are. Having a full-length mirror in front of you is important for you, and it’ll also mean that you can make the room look that little bit bigger.

You’re supposed to be able to retreat to your bedroom to empty your mind and be able to give your body the chance to recharge. If you are making the space as pretty and as muted as possible, you’re going to have a much better chance of enjoying your bedroom than avoiding it.





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