7 Essentials To Begin Upcycling


If you want to create a shabby chic look for your home, then you don’t need to invest in expensive furniture. You are likely to have a few pieces already around the house that can be used, as well as being able to change and ‘upcycle’ the bits that you have. To make old furniture look like new, there will be some things that you need to invest in, pretty inexpensive, but it will make the projects you want to do even simpler. Here is a quick breakdown for beginners in upcycling to get you started.



Paint Stripper

If you want to paint chairs or cabinets in fresh new colours, as well as change other things around the house, then a paint stripper will make your life much easier. Using heat, it softens the paint so that it can easily be removed. If you don’t use a paint stripper, then it can take a lot of time and energy to do the same job.



Likewise, using sandpaper and manpower are going to take a lot longer to sand anything down, than using a power sander would. If you want to varnish or paint wooden furniture or things like floorboards or doors, then a power sander is going to make your life much easier.



Having said that, some sandpaper can be a good idea to get to the smaller nooks and crannies on the furniture, like the inside corners of doors or the inside of a unit drawer. Getting a sanding block can make it easier too, as it gives you something to hold onto and grip as you do the sanding.



From painting tape to masking tape and double sided adhesive tapes, there will be whole range that you can use for different projects. Painting tape will allow you to paint things or spray paint things, while keeping the lines nice and neat. Double sided tape can be used for craft projects or for making things like chair covers, for example. Lining the inside or drawers can be useful with tape too.


Staple Gun

Though this isn’t a necessary thing for all projects, if you are going to be working with fabric when you upcycle, then using tape, alongside a staple gun, can make the projects much quicker and faster.



For painting and varnishing, there are so many things that you can use the paintbrushes for. But the unfortunate thing is that not all paintbrushes are created equal; there are some that are much better than others. Look for the best brushes that you can afford, as it really can make a difference. When you’re trying to paint something but the bristles keep falling off with each stroke, it is going to make the finish of the project look much messier.


Cloths or Rags

Cloths aren’t anything fancy, but they are going to be an essential part of your crating and upcycling arsenal. They can help mop up spills, they can make effects in paint, as well as wiping things away and cleaning surfaces for sanding. Old clothes can work, as well as old towels or tea towels, if you don’t want to buy specific cleaning cloths.




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