Removing The Three Main Blights On Your Rural Garden Landscape



There are a whole host of reasons to buy a rural property. Nothing beats the idea of no neighbours, endless fields, and a self-sufficient life. Forget city settings and bustling streets, a home in the country provides a peaceful escape. On top of which, country homes are usually pretty stunning, with beautiful gardens to boot. And, it’s those gardens we’re going to talk about today. 

When you live in a city, outside space is a bonus at best. The majority have to make the most of tiny balconies and potted plants. But, when you buy a house in the country, you can bet your garden dreams will come true. Even a small option here is likely to be double the size of what you’re used to.

Of course, even a large garden has its downsides. Failing to keep on top here could soon see things getting out of control. What’s more, there may be some issues which need addressing before your garden can reach its potential. Fear not, though, because we’re going to look at the three main offenders here.


Weeds are by no means unique to country settings. But, the size of your country garden means this will be a much larger problem. Yet, you aren’t going to get your garden looking fantastic with weeds all over the place. Fail to address this, and they could strangle flowers or plants you put in place yourself. Instead, consider long-term methods for keeping weeds at bay. Cutting your grass at least once a week should be enough to keep your lawn looking clear. As for flower beds, put mulch in place to suffocate any weeds which attempt to grow. While the odd one may still pop through, that’s far preferable to a whole garden-full of the pests.


Oil tanks

Oil tanks are pretty common-place on rural properties. They’re an easy and cheap way to ensure your home stays heated and happy. And, they save you having to drag boiler repair people into the middle of nowhere. Sadly, old oil tanks look pretty unappealing, especially when they start to rust. If this is ruining your garden landscape, don’t hesitate to look at replacement oil tanks which are sure to look a little more appealing. By opting for a green choice, there’s even a good chance this will blend in with the background from now on.

Compost heaps

Growing fruit and veg is one of the best things about a rural setting. Remember what we said about self-sufficient living? Well, you can’t very well grow either without compost. It helps boost nutrients and keeps the plants healthy. The problem is that a compost heap can look pretty hideous. They often consist of rotten veg peel and manure, after all. To make sure that heap doesn’t harm your view, you could either buy or build a compost heap which blends with the setting. A neat wooden structure would be easy enough to create and can ensure your garden forever looks clean and tidy.


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