Getting the Most out of Your Food Processor


We at Make It Shabby are big fans of food processors. Most weeks, ours comes out of the cupboard. Using one inspires us to cook more often. This fantastic kitchen appliance makes so many tasks super easy. It gives you the time and confidence to be able to experiment. As you can see here there are many different types available, so finding one that suits you and the way you cook is not difficult.

Once you buy one, be sure to use it every day. In the first week or two you will be keen, so use that period to make use of all of your food processors capabilities. That will help you to understand what it can do and encourage you to carry on using it after your initial enthusiasm has waned. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.


Make some cakes with the kids


If the weather is not great, grab the kids and hustle them into the kitchen for a cake making session. They will love it and with the help of your children and your food mixer you can whip up a couple of sponges and several trays of muffins and cupcakes in no time. Provided you freeze some of them you should have enough to keep you going all week.

Food processors are especially good for making all-in-one style cakes. They can also be used for making frosting. It is far faster than doing it by hand.


Make pizza dough


If you food processor came with a plastic style blade try making pizza dough in it. Usually, it comes out really well.

In theory, you can also make bread dough using a food processor. But, in reality, it is just as fast and easy to make it by hand. If you have a food mixer, that is a different matter.


Make pastry fast

pastry dough

Food processors are really good at making pastry. If you want shortcrust pastry just put the cooled butter and flour in and pulse it to a crumb. Now tip in some chilled water and turn it on briefly. Within seconds everything should come together to form a ball. Be careful not to over process the pastry. If it takes too long to start forming the ball, it is too dry. So, add a few more drops of water.

You can also use a food processor to make quick flaky pastry. If your food processor has a grater device, use that to grate your frozen butter. Add the flour and pulse it all together. Again, be careful not to over process it.


Make soups

tomato soup

Even if your food processor does not come with a blender attachment you can still make lovely purees and smooth soups. Just put the ingredients in with the metal blades in place and blend. Be especially careful not to overfill the food processor bowl when carrying out this task. If the ingredients shoot out of the top of the processor you can easily get scolded.


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