How to Nail the Smart Casual Look


Every girl wants to look good wherever she goes, the tricky part is passing it off as though it comes naturally to us. There is a fine line between looking overdressed and a smart casual appearance, we are here to help you learn exactly how to avoid such a mishap.

You need to consider everything from head to toe, your settings, how you will accessorise and exactly who it is you are meeting or the impression you want to give.

Smart casual can admittedly be a confusing term for women as it is such an ambiguous term; people expect you to look polished but relaxed at the same time. We have all had those moments where we want to pull our hair out, but don’t do that until you have read this article and save yourself the pain.

Let’s have a look at some of the different types of casual:


Business vs Smart Casual

Business casual dress code and smart casual are not one and the same, some outfits may be suited to both categories but they are different on the whole.

A business casual setting tends to expect conservative clothing but smart-casual allows for a slightly more relaxed feel whilst maintaining a professional look. One way of achieving such a look is by teaming up a pair of ladies corduroy trousers with a floaty blouse and block heel boots, for example.


When is the best time to wear smart casual?

This is a standard dress code that can be donned for many different events including weddings, dates, work functions and dinner parties. Just like we mentioned earlier, keep the themes in mind of who you are meeting and where you are going.

Here is an example: wearing smart casual for a dinner setting can give you so many choices that don’t have to look dull. To come up with an ideal look choose a classic item such as black trousers with something edgy, like an off-the-shoulder jumper.

A great rule of thumb to play safe is to try and have one piece of clothing in a sophisticated, professional style and the other a little less formal.

You should also try and keep accessories to the minimum, as this keeps your entire look simple and clean. 






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