Colour Care: What Does Your Home Say About You?


Choosing the right colours to decorate your home can be a really fun thing to do. However, many of us are left feeling indecisive when it comes to the crunch.

If we take a moment to have a look at the effect each colour can have on you mentally, it is easier to match colours up with your themes and specific type of room based on your overall designs and personal tastes.


There is more to colour than meets the eye

Everybody loves a good pun but there is truth in the above statement, colour can change the shape and size of a room and its furnishings.

Before you start slapping paint on the walls, you should have some sort of idea of what you want the overall theme to be like. Choices of fabrics, carpets, furniture and accessories such as the range from Julian Charles can be found to match or complement your paint colours, so you may want to work around these other choices.

The psychological value behind a colour is more powerful than how it shapes a room though, think of feeling blue, mellow yellow, red rage, and so on.

Colours can influence your emotions and how you feel. They act in 3 different ways- passive, neutral and active. Every room is going to serve a different purpose so your colours for the dining room are probably going to be a lot different than your choice of colour for the bedroom.


Which colour influences which mood?

Light colours make a room feel spacious and airy, bringing a large and bright feel to it. Dark colours do the opposite by adding warmth and intimacy to a room, making them feel cosy and sophisticated. Check out some examples.

Reds – Reds raise the energy levels in a room, making it a great choice for social rooms or a dining area where you would have lots of guests. This can create a strong first impression in your hallway or spark great conversation at a dinner party.

Yellow – Communicates happy vibes and a very mellow setting. A great choice for kitchen, bathroom or dining areas.

Blue – This colour can help make people feel calm and relaxed but will also have a cold, fresh feel to it. Which may not be such a good idea if you live in a colder climate! If so, combine with other colours to avoid this feel.

Green – The colour of nature. Relaxing, restful and good for the soul.





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