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A new season presents the perfect opportunity for women to update their wardrobes and their jewellery boxes. This blog post will deal with the latter of the two. After all, jewellery has the capacity to dictate the entire look and vibe of any outfit. A dazzling pair of earrings or a stand-out necklace has the ability to turn a plain ensemble into something worthy of the red carpet.

There are some fantastic trends in jewellery that are starting to come into fashion for the current season. Prominent and bold jewellery has taken centre stage over dainty and delicate styles. This means that you can glam up a casual jumper with a gorgeous statement ring or combine a pair of funky bold earrings with a snug jacket.

As mentioned, the main trend in jewellery this season is to go for bold and elaborate styles. Therefore, think big and think ‘in your face’. Some of the most popular options to go for the following; a necklace with a big pendant cross, a ring sporting an oversized gemstone, a short chunky necklace, big thick bangles, oversized studs, and chandelier earrings.

If you are considering what colour jewellery to go for this season then the best option has to be blue. Blue is a beautiful colour. Furthermore, what is so great about blue is that it is versatile and goes with a whole host of different colours and stills. Moreover, because there are so many shades of blue it means that there is something to suit all people; no matter their hair colour, their skin type, their style or their eye colour. You can even use companies like Totally Beads to create your own blue jewellery in different shades.

A trend which came into fashion over the summer and is likely to grow in popularity over the coming months is that of feathered jewellery. This is a trend which falls into the category of another popular look – tribal fashion. Stunning necklaces and earrings with big, bold and colourful feathers attached are a great way to add some life and personality to an outfit. Moreover, they are something which can easily turn a plain black dress or alike into a stunning fashion forward and attention grabbing look.

And finally, another trend which is perfect is that of owls. Jewellery pieces sporting owl pendants have really taken off as of late. Moreover, they are simply adorable! If you are looking for a way to add a quirky edge to your look then this type of jewellery is just the thing.

All in all, there are clearly a lot of fantastic trends to choice from for the current season. The selection on offer is diverse, exciting and striking. There is quite simply something for everyone. Remember; you can adapt trends and styles to suit your personality and your fashion taste. The only question that remains is – which of these fantastic looks will you be rocking over this year?











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